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Welcome to the NWMCA

North West Metropolitan Cricket Association (NWMCA) stands as a vibrant cricket establishment located in Melbourne, Victoria – a city deeply passionate about the sport. With its rich history and intense zeal for cricket, the NWMCA acts as the focal point for cricket aficionados in Melbourne's northwest. Created with a mission to nurture a fervent love for the game and to enhance competitive cricket scenarios, NWMCA seamlessly connects players, teams, and the community to relish the game's spirit. Whether you're a seasoned cricketer, an ardent fan, or a newcomer to the sport, our platform provides an avenue to delve into the latest news, match schedules, events, and milestones of the NWMCA. Join us in experiencing the exhilaration of cricket and the bonding it fosters.

NWMCA runs a synthetic wicket cricket competition with over 70 clubs and over 500 teams participating in scheduled games, it stands as one of the most expansive community cricket tournaments in Victoria.

Key Competitions:

  • Open Age two day cricket Saturday

  • Open Age one day cricket Saturday and Sunday

  • Womens Social T20 Sunday

  • All Girls juniors U10s and u14s Monday

  • All Girls juniors u12s and u16s Wednesday

  • Junior mixed Thursday - U12s

  • Junior mixed Friday - U10s U12s U14s U16s

  • Junior mixed Saturday - u12s U14s U16s

NWMCA Board Members and Administrators


Brian Moloney

Vice President - Female Cricket

Sonja Viehl

Board Member / Treasurer

Bernard Morrow

Board Member

Sue Brunner

Administration Manager

Bob Byron

Email :


Vanessa Brooker

Email :

Vice President - Senior Cricket

Vikkas Dhingra

Vice President - Junior Cricket

Frank Rechichi

Board Member

Shellee Hereora

Board Member

Jayde Lee


Bill Maddern

Email :

Phone : 0411 260 029


NWMCA Board and Administrators

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